Cisco Certification: In What Order Should You Take Your CCNP Exams?

If you decide to chase your Cisco Certified Network Professional certification, you have some choices to make at the start. Cisco delivers a route along with a path, and the sequence in is selected by you also.

While each CCNP candidate must make their own choice, I’d love to discuss some ideas based on my personal experience as well as the experiences of CCNPs global.Visit here

The strong base of media knowledge you assembled as a CCNA can help you a fantastic deal in your BSCI (Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks, 642-801) exams. Here is the test to consider and I would suggest that you do. When there are a number of topics which are going to be brand new to you, like BGP, a number of the BSCI themes will probably be familiar to you from the CCNA studies.

The”center” examinations will be the BCMSN (Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks, 642-811) and BCRAN (Building Cisco Remote Access Networks, 642-821). There’s absolutely no benefit in choosing one of them even though the shifting examination, then the remote access examination is taken by most applicants.

I really do recommend you choose the CIT (Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting) examination last. This examination will require the skills you’ve learned while making your CCNA and departure the 3 examinations are put by you. It’s not written in stone and there are always exceptions, but if it is taken by them outside CCNP applicants do appear to have more success.

If you pick the three-exam route, you are going to be carrying a Composite exam (642-891). This examination unites the BSCI and BCMSN exams, and it is ideal to choose this one. It builds with your CCNA abilities.

Again, I’d take the BCRAN exam after the Composite, and also the Troubleshooting examination last.

Whichever course you choose, you have chosen wisely where certification to pursue. The CCNP is a real test of your media abilities, and if you make the choice to go after the CCIE, you will be pleased to have the strong base of media abilities your CCNA and CCNP research gave you.

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