Getting to know… England Roses netball stars


Realbuzz’s Carolynn Whorton sat down with Gabriella Marshall and England Roses players Francesca Williams to discover more about the 2018 Vitality Netball Super league season, the historic Commonwealth Games gold medal of England and the future of the game.


Can I Be Told by You A Bit About Yourselves And How You Got Into Netball?

Francesca Williams (FW):“I am Fran Williams and I play goal defense at Wasps netball. I started playing netball my teacher said I must visit my club and once I was nine in my school. From there I just kind of Betufa worked my way up through the England netball pathway to currently playing at the Super league and for England.”


Gabriella Marshall (GM):“I am Gabby Marshall, I play centre for Mavericks and I started playing when I was four years old. My sister played at Oldham Netball club and the coach there bribed me to join in with a big teddy bear!”


The Wasps And fran Won The 2018 Vitality Netball Superleague Grand Final For The Second Year In A Row, How Are You Feeling After The Win?

FW:”I am still buzzing – that is a Wasps cliche! It is just so exciting and it was such a final to be a part of too since it was a match between Wasps and Loughborough. It’s been a difficult season, filled with ups and downs so to complete it on a top – it is really wonderful!”


Tamsin Greenway Announced That She’d Step Down As Wasps Director Of Netball After The Closing, Was This A Surprise To The Team Or And You Was It Something You Knew About?

FW:”The staff know it and we had talked about it earlier in the season. All of us wish her the very best and she will be involved. I believe she just Betufa wants a tiny break. The team respect she will still be around and that although her heart remains in Wasps. It is not a huge shock!”


Can The Season Go For Mavericks Gabby?

GM:”For me personally, it was great simply to go down here from living my entire life up North.


That is exactly what I wanted, Mavericks and a challenge and just a new environment. I believe learning coaches and players have been beneficial. We did lose out this year, as we think we had, which we were gutted about. However, I think looking forward, we have got quite a young squad and I believe we could build together and develop for many years to come and I am eager to see what we can put out next year.”


Netball Was Definitely One Of The Standout Sports At the Commonwealth Games of This Year, And England’s Ancient Gold Medal Brought The Sport Great Exposure From The Media And The General Public. Was The Achievement For Your Sport?

FW:”Yeah it is definitely huge. Because we have been involved in netball for a little while, I think, we know how great the game is and it is good to see as its 33, it being valued. However, I think winning that gold medal in a Commonwealth Games – that people who like all sports watch, has given that push to us. It is definitely really exciting and the Commonwealth Games gold medal is a massive element.”


You Have Both Been Selected For Your England Roses 2018/19 Programme, Congratulations! Of Allergic Your Country In A Level Are You About The Prospect?

GM:”As a little girl it is something which you dream of doing and I believe for me personally spending last year in the programme, it was hugely valuable just to have this constant training load and also to work with the best coaches and the best players in the nation. A whole lot of women put themselves forward and to be named in that category is a massive honour.”


The 2019 Netball World Cup is Hosted by England Interesting Will A Home Tournament Be?

GM:”I think especially after such a successful Commonwealth Games in Australia, in order to host such a major competition in your home is so exciting. Hopefully, seeing the Commonwealth Games will inspire people to come to Liverpool following summer, enjoy the tournament and hopefully the England squad can recreate the identical success!”

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