Easy Tips for Poster Framing

Poster framing is commonly disregarded as a waste of time or money when it is actually neither. When you buy a poster you make an “executive” decision of what kind of things you like to decorate your home, as such you should consider the framing as a big part of that. You certainly could buy a pre-made plastic frame at any department store or you could go to a custom frame shop and talk to a professional who will guide you and take your poster from simple to amazing.

All custom frame shops have simple black frames that work perfectly with posters, generally for a good price. Black metal and black wood frames do not overwhelm the poster. Posters are colorful and busy to grab attention from the viewer by themselves. They are interesting by themselves and as such a black frame will definitely work with them. Ask a custom framer professional to show you their poster framing options. This is an easy way to stay in budget and let your poster shine by itself. It is also suing the advantage of having a frame cut perfectly for your poster, having a professional put it together ready to hang, and let the poster be the star.

If you are willing to have a little more fun with the framing experience, ask your framer about other frame and matting options. Use the colors on the poster as inspiration for matting and see how you can point to your favorite aspect of it. Match the color of the lettering, the background, the costumes (if there are any) and take the poster to a wonderful level. Gather inspiration from the poster itself and use it to have fun with the poster’s frame. Movie posters ge themespage themPoster frames can support more elaborate frame because they are already interesting. You can use the movie’s subject to inspire you, like metallic frames for sci-fi movies; ornate, gold frames can make a period movie poster shine (think of the multiple series based on English and French royal families and make their poster a portrait by framing it with a period-like frame). Western movies can go wonderfully with a rustic, wood based frame and can take the theme of the movie further.

There are options to explore, so ask your framing professional for their ideas. They are trained in aesthetics and can help guide you. Also talk to them about your budget -if you have one- since you can find other options to highlight your poster and make it unique. Re-purpose a poster frame with a wonderful mat and still have a unique final product. Keep the use of a black metal frame for your poster and mat with blue and red a Superman poster to take make it unique. Use a black wood frame and a gold and red mat for an Iron Man poster. Be imaginative and remember that there are multiple options. The best aspect of framing a poster is that you can do things outside the box; there are no rules to framing.

Go to a custom frame shop and take advantage of the one on one talk with a framer. They will guide you on the poster framing experience and will give you ideas and options on how to take a simple poster into an artwork for your walls. Do not take the easy way out and buy a pre-made frame, there are affordable options within the customized framing world and you should take advantage of it.


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